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FC2004 parade

The 2 angles video contains 2 synchronized video streams and 2 audio streams. 
The 1st angle is the 1st person view from the inside of the parade (Timduru)
The 2nd angle is an external view recorded by Yakeo
The 1st angle contains almost the full parade, while the 2nd angle is missing some of the parade because of the moving required to catch on the parade (well done Yakeo *hugs* :) )

The video is standard ogm container with 2 videos and 2 audio streams but it might not be compatible with every player

here are the results of my tests so far, but it might vary, depending on your configuration:
Windows media player only seems to see 1 video with 2 audio streams
BSPlayer seems to be able to play both video streams fine, but has some problems switching from video stream 0 to stream 1
video 1 to video 0 works fine strangely.
TheCoreMediaplayer is not able to switch to video 2 .
Zoomplayer seems to be able to switch fine from one video to the other, but sometimes locks or is taking a long time.

I'm interested in your success or failures of playing the video, if you have some time drop me an email :)

If you have problems playing the 2 real time streams, you might want to download the videos for the separated angles, you won't get the real time switching though. :)

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