01) Blue Fox Group - Blooper (Croc), Filter (Uck), Big Blue Fox, J.D., Thumper, Single Speed Cheetah, Oz Kangaroo, Ace McFluff
02) Howl Another Day p.1 - Roger Fox (Brokken), M_Tigress, FJ McCloud - an F.N. Huge Production
03) Dr Evil introduction - Kiteless as Dr. Evil
04) Lights Camera Action - Scruff E., Basalt (Sabot)
05) Foxy Balboa - Wildfox, Crosscheck, FurFright Stage Ninja
06) Yippee Powers interlude #1 - Dr. Evil, Yippee, Stria (Fembot)
07) Furry Reanimator - Far Wolf (FarRaptor), Kobuk Husky, Cake (DukeFawks), AlohaFox, SingleSpeed Cheetah
08) Le Monsieur et la Chatte - UltraGor (out of suit), Miss Kitty
09) Happy Cows - Donkey, Dex(human), Sabot (human)
10) Howl Another Day p.2 - Roger Fox (Brokken), Breathless Vixen, Diablo (Crosscheck)
11) Equine Improv Music - Flare Starfire
12) Spy Movie Trailer - Belic Bear, Sedge, K'Gra, Nekomon, Runtt, FurFright Stage Ninja
13) Hiring Henchmen - AlohaFox, Kobuk Husky, Far Wolf (FarRaptor), Heat
14) Hippin' and Hoppin' - Nekomon the Tiger
15) Dr Evil
16) The Mentos Experiment - Oz Kangaroo, Tzup, Nbowa
17) Yippee Powers interlude #2 - Dr. Evil, Yippee, Kale the Party Shark (Mr. Dinosaur)
18) Chocolate Coyote - Scruff E. Coyote, Miss Kitty, Angel Bunny, Bouncer (Dex)
19) Teh Drama! - LJ Plex the Drama Llama (Diadexxus), Tseatah (Frysco), Faust, Wildfox, Ocicat, Neon (Akita) - Yippee wrote this
20) Her Majesty's Cetacean Service - Naketa Orca, Calaphin - Yippee wrote this
21) Dr Evil
22) Live & Let Die - Treads Lightly, Tiresta, Max Goof, Akeakami, Kitt Fox

=== end of judged acts ===

Dr Evil announcement - w/Evilbonics
23) Conrad T. Lizard - live music
24) Last Will & Temperament - FJ McCloud, Lili Fox, Tux (JD), BS Bull (Donkey), Summer Vixen, Bunny (Camerapup)
25) Howl Another Day p.3 - Roger Fox, Breathless Vixen, Diablo, Tusk (Bohor) w/Yippee Powers interlude #3 and curtain call

Award Presentation:
Third Place - write-in vote for The Stage Ninjas! - which the prize money was donated back to Furry Night Live.
Second Place - Blue Fox Group
First Place (One Hundred mmmmDollars!) - Furry Reanimator
Prize money graciously donated by Super Jayhawk and the Mr. Big Project
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[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL08_LeMonsieurEtLaChatte_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 12:51 24M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL09_HappyCows_mpegI_low.mpg2016-04-24 16:43 3.6M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL10_HowlAnotherDay2_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 12:56 9.6M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL11_EquineImprov_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:05 21M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL12_SpyMovieTrailer_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:14 22M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL13_HiringHenchmen_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:24 26M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL14_NekomonHippinNHoppin_mpegII.mpg2007-03-10 16:31 108M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL14_NekomonHippinNHoppin_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:32 18M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL15_DrEvil_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:33 3.1M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL16_MentosExperiment_mpegII.mpg2016-05-05 09:30 153M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL16_MentosExperiment_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:44 26M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL17_YippeePowersInterlude_mpegI_low.mpg2016-05-04 20:04 7.2M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL18_ChocolateCoyote_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:51 9.2M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL19_Drama_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 13:58 17M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL20_CetaceanService_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:04 13M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL21_DrEvil_mpegI_low.mpg2016-04-25 08:05 2.7M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL22_LiveNLetDie_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:13 20M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL23_ConradTLizard_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:22 21M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL24_LastWill_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:29 18M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL25_HowlAnotherDay3_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:39 25M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL26_ComeBack_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:49 21M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL27_ResultsBlueFoxGroup_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:52 8.7M 
[VID]Tim_FC2007_FNL28_ResultsReanimator_mpegI_low.mpg2007-03-10 14:57 13M 

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