AC2003 Videos

To play the ogm videos under windows follow the guide here
for the videos on this site you just need to install the xvid codec and ogg Filter
the video should play fine under linux with mplayer for example.

As requested in the guidelines of Anthrocon, the videos recorded in the official Anthrocon hotel areas will stay private.
However if you were a fursuiter or are related to any of the events
you have the right to access them.
Just email me at admin(at) and I will give you a login/pass.
Some of the misc videos were recorded in public areas and so are available for download.
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Fursuit & Costume picture and video collection.
You can browse with thumbnails by clicking here
If there is a picture or a video of you you would like to see removed,
if you would like some description/credits to be added where it's not already the case
you can email me(in french or in english)