photos from furry conventions 
 	(some of the best fursuit and costume builders are there)
	a few samples showing the different styles available around
	Videos from conventions, other events, professionnal costumers etc..
	That's where you will find all the other costumes and fursuits
	made by commercial companies, individuals (some of the best builders)
	This is the place to check if you are looking to buy a costume, 
	or commission a custom one
	(check in the description of the folder for contact information,
	and if the person is accepting commissions, or if it's a store)
	The album to check for all the other events and outing 
	that don't fit in the above categories
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Fursuit & Costume picture and video collection.
You can browse with thumbnails by clicking here
If there is a picture or a video of you you would like to see removed,
if you would like some description/credits to be added where it's not already the case
you can email me(in french or in english)