Fursuit Contest


0- "Intro"
1- 	Chester(Heyblibber)
2- 	Ceyloni(Fjordwolf)
3- "Mirror" 
	Timduru toony(Yakeo) 
	(oopsie wrong timing, sorry Eisfuchs ;o) )
4-	 Wolffire	
5- "German summer"	
6- 	Tani(TaniDaReal)
7- 	Suran
8- "Guardian"
	Timduru toony(Skooter)
9-	Wolfy(Tioh)
10-	"End" Fursuit come back

Video recorded by Junkvist (thankies :) )

A few remarks since it looks like it has puzzled most people: ;o)
Act #1 is long because it seems it was supposed to be in the fursuit show,not the contest.
Act #3 and #8 are short because there was a 1 minute per act time rule, and so these acts were shortened to respect that.
Seeing the videos of the other acts it's understandable that the audience was suprised it was already over though ;)

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[VID]EFX_FursuitContest01_Chester1.mpg2004-09-04 13:41 30M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest01_Chester2.mpg2004-09-04 13:52 38M 
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[VID]EFX_FursuitContest04_Wolffire.mpg2004-09-04 14:04 16M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest05_Chengdu.mpg2004-09-04 14:09 22M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest06_Snowleopardess.mpg2016-04-13 18:35 20M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest07_Suran_Unicorn.mpg2016-04-10 08:55 69M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest08_Guardian_Yakeo.mpg2004-09-04 14:27 14M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest09_Wolfy.mpg2004-09-04 14:29 13M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest10_End1.mpg2004-09-04 14:39 33M 
[VID]EFX_FursuitContest10_End2.mpg2016-04-21 00:31 57M 

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