In January, a famous Brazilian news channel (Fantástico) did a short feature on furries. Two months later, a popular TV show called Caldeirão do Huck decided to use a furry theme in the their first prank of the year. This TV show is broadcast every Saturday on Globo (which also shows Fantástico). There is a segment of the program called “Lata Velha” (“Beater [cars]“) in which they pull a prank on a car’s owner — sometimes using the car owner’s family as accomplices — confounding him until the big revelation: the appearance of the presenter Luciano Huck with the message that he will fix their car completely after an outlandish challenge is accomplished, such as finding homes for thirty abandoned dogs. For the year’s first “Lata Velha”, the production team decided to use fursuits and contacted Zutharr and his friends, who helped them understand how furry fandom works, how to act in fursuit and, of course, how to perform with Huck during the prank. The team also used this time to learn more about the furry subculture. However, unlike Fantástico, only fursuiters were interviewed, neglecting the other areas of the fandom. Some in the community are concerned with how the prank Caldeirão do Huck intends to perform will reflect on the furry fandom’s karma. Globo is the fourth-largest TV network in the world, and Caldeirão do Huck is a primetime TV show watched by millions of Brazilians. Others see this as a great opportunity to spread the Furry concept, even if it is mostly about fursuiters. Zutharr recorded a video during the making of the episode, in which several fursuiters explain their concept of the fandom. Furs in attendance: Zutharr – Black Wolf; Guil Wolf – Blue wolf; Kouta – B&W Wolf; Zanaffer – Dragon head; Lupi – Brown fox; Ravyn – White fox; Ronan – Kigurumi Tiger; Red Panda – Grey Wolf; Lucas – Kigurumi dinosaur. Article by Tanuki Gokuhi